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Anatomy MCQ

Vertebral Column consists of -------- number of vertebrae
the total CSF volume in a human body is
unfused posterior part of fifth sacral vertebra is known as
In New Borns, the spinal code ends at the level of
The Normal rate of CSF formation per day is
Primarily CSF is formed in the
Subarachnoid space ends at the level of -------- vertibra
Which of the following is an incorrect statement
AT birth the umbilical cord has
In children ( < 3 years of age ) the angulation of the two main bronchi at carina is
Which of the following is not a true statement regarding trachea?
The three paired cartilages of the larynx include all of the following except
In adults the spinal cord ends at
Narrowest part of the larynx in children is situated at the level of ------ vertibra
At which level of does the trachea bifurcate
Which one of the following muscles works as an abductor of the vocal code?
Swallowed sharp foreign bodies (e.g, fish bone) tend to impact at
Vocal cord paralysis is observed due to the involvement of which of the following nerves?
The muscle is also named as 'Tuning fork of the larynx'
With bilaterial recurrent laryngeal nerve palsy vocal cords will be observed in which position?
Cricothyroid muscle is supplied by
All the following are paranasal sinuses except
Nasolacrimal duct drains in to
Maxillary sinus opens into the
Which among the following sinuses in the largest one?
All of the following are true statements except
Foot is supplied by all of the following dermatomes, except
Foramen of munro i present in the
The incorrect statement regarding the diaphragm is
Motor supply of the diaphragm comes from
Highest point of iliac crest corresponds to which vertebral level?
Umbilicus corresponds to which of the following dermatomes?
All of the following organs have an end arterial supply except
Narrowest part of the gastrointestinal tract is
Cobb's angle is related to
Which of the following statements regarding the right bronchus is not true
Normal area of the tricuspid valve is ----- cm²
Normal area of the atrioventricular valve is ----- cm²
Normal Aortic valve size (area) is ---- cm²
True statement regarding 'snuff box ' is
Parasympathetic supply to rectum and anal canal is through
How many pairs of spinal nerves are there in a human body?
Superior oblique muscle is supplied by
Erb's point is
Intramuscular injection in the gluteal region is given at
Which of the following statement s about the location of the AV node is true?
Which of the following statements are not true?
Anterior cranial fossa is formed by different parts of different bones which include all of the following except?
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