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Anesthesia Machines & Equipments

Which of the following endotracheal tubes has resistance to kinking and compression, and is indicated for the use in neck /neurosurgical procedures?
Which f the following statement is incorrect regarding medical gas cylinders?
All of the followings are various types of medical gas cylinder valves, except?
Which type of valves can be fit on small 'E' type cylinders ?
All of the following statements are true regarding terminal outlet of gas pipeline, except?
Which of the following is an incorrect statement regarding cylinder labelling ?
Which statement is incorrect regarding pilot balloon ?
Flexible fibre scope is used in all of the following procedures, expect ?
Which is not true for single use endotracheal tube?
Rotating slots in a rotameter indicate?
For administration of anesthesia in magnetic resonance imaging environment medical gas cylinders are now constructed of ?
Procedure 'crakling' of cylinder valve denotes?
Use of 'Bodock' in Boyle's anesthesia machine is
Which is not true regarding flow meters ?
Magil breathing system is related to ?
Pin index code of nitrous oxide is ?
Color of cyclopropane cylinder is
What is the reasonable size of an endotracheal tube to be used in a term newborn?
Pin index code of oxygen cylinder is ?
At the outlet of central pipeline, the pressure of oxygen supplied to the anesthesia machine is , approximately?
Reserve (emergency) oxygen cylinders on anesthesia machines are of which size?
Which of the following mapleson systems has no rebreathing bag?
The term "tare weight" is related to
Double lumen tube is preferred during ?
Goldman vaporizer is
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