Cardiothoracic Anesthesia

In five -letter code of pacemaker , third letter denotes
All of the followings are the location hypothesized to best reflect core body temperature during cardiopulmonary bypass surgery except?
Prior to arterial cancelation, collateral circulation in the extremities is assessed by?
All of the following statements are true regarding central venous catheterization except?
The current position of the distal orifice of central venous catheter can be ascertained by all of the following except?
Takayasu syndrome is a disorder of ?
Which artery is most commonly cannulated for invasive blood pressure monitoring during cardiac surgery?
In five letter code of pacemaker second letter denotes ?
In five letter code of pacemaker, first letter denotes?
Continuous ambulatory electrocardiogram monitor is?
Which of the following condition is not a therapeutic indication for bronchoscopy ?
All of the following conditions are fixed cardiac output states except?
First successful application of total extra extracorporeal circulation for cardiac surgery in humans was done by?
First report on clinical utility of balloon- tipped pulmonary artery catheter was in the year ?
Pathological findings in mitral valve stenosis include all of the following except?
Mitral stenosis include all of the following, except?
Acceptable value of ACT before initiating CPB is .....seconds?
During the open heart surgery, a surgeon can judge all of the following factors visually except?
ACT after protamine administration should be .....seconds?
Pre cardiopulmonary bypass, heparin is given in dose of ...IU/kg?
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