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DHA,MOH,HAAD Nursing Exam Questions Part II

Which of the following vitamin deficiency causes Wernicke Korsakoff syndrome?
Most common primary malignant tumour in pediatric age group is
A patient presents to the emergency department with diminished and thready pulses,hypotension and an increased pulse rate. The patient reports weight loss, lethargy, and decreased urine output. The lab work reveals increased urine specific gravity. The nurse should suspect
Serum Alpha feto protein level is elevated in
All are premalignant lesions of skin except
Rapid correction of hyponatremia can lead to
Which of the following is not a defense mechanism?
To remove soft contact lenses from the eyes of an unconscious patient the nurse should:
A patient undergoes laminectomy. In the immediate post-operative period, the nurse should
patient with duodenal peptic ulcer would describe his pain as
The cranial nerve that passes through the anterosuperior compartment of Internal acoustic meatus is
Councilman bodies are seen in
Thalamotomy is done is Parkinson's disease to relieve
Name the disease caused by the deficiency of the hormone insulin.
The nurse is to collect a sputum specimen from a client. The best time to collect this specimen is:
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