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Paediatric Anesthesia

How much fasting period is required in a child who has taken non-human milk?
A new born baby presents with increased oral secretions and choking with feeds, diagnosis is?
All of the following are the most frequent emergencies in infants, except?
Bag mask ventilation is contraindicated in which of the following conditions ?
Cleft palate best repaired?
Intra-osseous access for drugs and fluid administration is recommended for paediatric group up to the age of ?
Which of the following is a true statement regarding congenital diaphragmatic hernia ?
Which of the following is not obvious at birth?
A three year old child is brought with history of acute onset of hoarseness of voice, croupy cough and asthmatic wheezing. Most probable diagnosis is ?
Which of the following neonatal emergencies is not encountered in first week of life?
Mediastinal hygromas are usually associated with similar tumors in ?
None cause of stridor in newborns is ?
Which of the following is true for both neonatal and adult airways?
Total blood volume in a premature baby is body weight
In a full term delivery cord blood contains of hemoglobin
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