DHA/MOH/HAAD Nursing Exam Questions Part I

While reviewing stress management technique with a patient diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, what would the nurse identify as MOST appropriate?
he nurse is assessing the growth and development of a healthy three year old child. The nurse should expect the child to be able to ?
A patient with bowlegs due to abnormal bone formations and deformities has calcium level of 7.5mg/100ml. Which of the following foods would the nurse most likely instruct the patient to add to a diet
When caring for a patient with an ostomy the nurse knows that extra skin protection for the personal skin is MOST important for those patients with an
The immunoglobulin related to hypersensitivity and anaphylaxis
Which of the following is not a disaccharide ?
DOTS programme introduced for the treatment of
Inorganic compound used as an anesthetic
Which among the following is an anti oxidant ?
The nurse calls together an interdisciplinary team with members from medicine , social service , the clergy and nutritional services to care for a patient with a terminal illness. Which of the following type of care would the team most likely be providing?
Therapeutic use of clotrimazole
While dispensing metronidazole patient should be informed about
A nurse is providing care to a patient with a new skin graft on the leg. The patient is upset and the nurse notes copious red drainage oozing around the dressing the nurse should immediately:
Nasal suppositories are known as
To minimize the toddler from scratching and picking at healing skin graft, the nurse should utilize:
Most common cause of perinatal mortality in multiple pregnancy
A patient recent underwent coronary artery graft (CABG) surgery. Which of the following nursing diagnose PRIORITY?
A client with angina complaints that the angina pain is prolonged and severe and occurs at the same time each day, most often in the morning. On further assessment a nurse notes that the pain occurs in the absence of precipitating factors . This type of angina pain is best described as
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