Intravenous Anesthesia

The first symptom of accidental intr-arterial injection of thiopentone is
Intravenous 2% lignocaine (Xylocard) is not used in which condition?
Egg tecithin emulsion formulation of propofol has all of the following properties, except
Which of the following is not true statement regarding thiopentone?
Thipoentone has all of the following properties, except
During intravenous induction, anesthetists commonly test/observe
Thiopentone was synthesized by
In a 60 kg man, for induction of anesthesia 350 mh of thiopentone sodium was injected through a cannula placed in cubital fossa. even after 3 minutes patient was still awake and fingers of the cannualated hand started turning blue. Patient complained of severe pain in hand. Which one of the following intervention is most appropriate at this stage?
Short half life of thiopentone is due to
Emergence of delirium is associated with
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