Pre-Anesthetic Examination

Which of the following (I) Uvula, (II) Faucial pillars, (III) Soft palate, (IV) Vocal cords are visible in a Mallampati class I airway during oral examination
Which of the following are not considered as predictors of difficult intubation in pre-anesthetic examination?
Chances of difficult intubation are high in all of the following conditions,except
All of the following factors predict difficult intubation at the time of pre- anesthetic examination, except
All of the following measures improve lung function, except
The purpose of pr-operative 'patient-anesthetist meeting' includes all of the following, except
Major benefit of cessation of smoking in immediate pre-operative period (on the day prior to an operation) is
ASA (American Society of Anesthesiologists) classification is based on
In ASA classification of physical status, 'E' stands for
In a patient undergoing thyroid surgery which of the following features is the most important for an anesthesiologist
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