Anesthesia Pre – Medication

Any drug administrated before surgery is termed as
All of the following arepurposes of pre-anesthetic medication, except
Atropine when used as a pre-anesthetic medication causes all of the following symptoms,except
A 16 years old boy with a history of ocular trauma at 10 years of age was now posted for intraocular lens surgery. Which drug should be avoid in pre-anesthesia medication?
All of the following factors limit the use of anti-depresants as pre-operative medication, except
Promethazine can be used in children as a pre-medicant for all the following effects, except
Antisialagogue effect can be achieved by the use of all of the following drugs in pre-medication, except
Along with the local anesthetic spray, which of the following drugs, play an important role in the management during fiberoptic bronchoscopy
In selecting appropriate drug for pre-operative medication for a male patient all of the following factors are important, except
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